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We are always looking for new ways to lighten our footprint on the planet, so we are going walkabout to look for some more 'environmentally friendly' packaging for some of our products.

Olive Oil skincare products from Organic and Spray free olives.

All of our skincare products are truly natural and chemical free.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the best olive oil you can buy, because to be classed as Extra Virgin it must have no faults...

We provide only natural products, using only the best available ingredients. Our aim is to create natural products that everyone can afford.

Our olive groves are located in the South West of Western Australia, a region perfect for growing top class olives.

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So how can you tell synthetic soap from real soap?
More about olive oil in skin care
We often receive inquiries from individuals concerned about whether we use palm oil in any of our products.

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Olive Oil Soaps

We choose only the best natural ingredients to create our olive oil soaps.

Pure essential oils, chosen for their moisturising, soothing and aromatherapy properties, along with natural clays and other healing oils, are combined to create soaps suitable for every skin type. All soaps are cured for months in a controlled atmosphere to ensure they are long lasting, then wrapped by hand in gorgeous handcrafted silk papers.

We use no chemicals or artificial perfumes in our soaps

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Men's Range

Men's Personal Care Range

Moisturising Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the base oil used in our unique range of foaming shave gels, creamy after shave lotions and soothing balms.

Suitable for sensitive skin..


Like our soap bars, our liquid range is also made using only natural ingredients. Tip to Toe will not strip your hair of natural oils. There is no need to use a conditioner, although some people might like a lemon juice and water rinse occasionally.

Very mild and suitable for everyday use. Extra virgin olive oil and herbal extracts gently cleanse the hair. Pro vitamin B moisturises the hair, hydrates dry and damaged ends.

Extracts also add sheen & body to hair.


Healthy Healing Balms & Soothing Salves

Our balms and salves are totally natural, using only the finest ingredients available to heal dry skin and chapped lips, as well as calming and soothing minor cuts, scratches and sunburn.

Orangutan's Last stand

The survival of orangutan's & other rain forest wildlife in Indonesia is seriously endangered by illegal logging, forest fires including those associated with the rapid spread of Palm oil plantations, illegal hunting and trade.

The great ape is in grave trouble. A recent report from the United Nations Environment Programme warns that unless urgent action is taken to stop illegal logging that is destroying the tropical forest home of orangutan's, they may lose their habitat within 12 years.

Read about the last stand of the Orangutans

Health & Beauty Lotions

Our lotions are thick, luscious and creamy. Extra virgin olive
oil is the base for all our totally natural skincare lotions and suitable for use all over the body, including the face.

Our moisturising lotions are thick, luscious & creamy with only natures best ingredients
to keep skin looking younger by rejuvenating and hydrating all skin types. There is something for every skin type in the range, from normal skin to extremely dry skin.